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PEMF Therapy in Australia

Looking For a New Way to Manage Your Pain and Increase Your Energy?


Introducing PEMF Therapy 

It's time to try the non-drug relief of PEMF Therapy in Australia if you're like millions of others in pain, or who suffer from a lack of energy and you have tried almost everything to feel better! 

What is PEMF Therapy? 

How Can It Help You Live With Less Pain And
In Better Health After Your 50's?

PEMF Therapy in Australia is still relatively unknown even though it has been considered as an effective and non-invasive way to improve energy and relieve pain for over 60 years now in Europe.

That's why it is NOT accepted by the TGA as a 'therapy' per se at present!

Yet, over 10,000 scientific papers and 2000 double-blind studies support its effectiveness. This is because when cells become distressed from disease, trauma or toxins, or because of older age, they lose their ability to function efficiently. This becomes especially noticeable after our 50's!

PEMF stands for 'Pulsed Electromagnetic Field' and uses electromagnetic field waves that pulse on precise frequencies, enabling cells to recover their ability to function, reproduce and create energy.

PEMF supports the body. It doesn't correct disease.
It's about Intelligent Wellness! 

Watch the 10 Minute Video Below To Get a Fortright
Insight Into PEMF Therapy in Australia
And How I Can Help You!

PEMF Therapy Works!

For Both Humans as Well as Animals!

WATCH My 4 Australian PEMF Therapy Testimonials Below!

For 74-Year Old Ken Who Came To Me To Relieve His Excruciating Pain While Drugged 'Up To His Eyeballs With Morphine' After His Knee Surgery Went Drastically Wrong! Witness His Amazing Recovery!

For 14-year Old Rusty Who Was Going to be Euthanized Within a Week Due To Pancreatitis After His Owner Had Spent over$8,000 On Vet Fees To Save Him!

Watch Rusty's Amazing Recovery! 

For 74-Year Old Peter Who Suffered From Shoulder Pain & Tinnitus.Shoulder Pain Gone & Tinnitus Dramatically Reduced!

For 68-Year Old Ken Who Succesfully Addressed His Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Tinnitus & Other Physical Ailments

Please Note Disclaimer on Testimonials!

The testimonials above are genuine and were voluntarily taken from my clients who had received quite a noticeable benefit and improvement in their own health and pain conditions and for their animals. This does not mean that this benefit will apply across the board to everybody else or to all animals as we are all different, and at different stages of the disease and pain process.
PEMF therapy is not registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia! 

PEMF Therapy For PAIN Relief!

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the US approved PEMF therapy for post-operative pain in 1991, for brain cancer and pain in 2011 and, in 2014 Health Canada approved it for pains, aches and to increase blood circulation. No such approval has been granted by the TGA in Australia as yet!

However, to Gain an Appreciation of HOW People Like You & Me Might Be Able To Address & Overcome Pain With PEMF Therapy, Watch the USA Videos Below!

Image of John Tonsbeek for Pemf therapy in Australia
image of IMRS 2000  for pemf therapy in Australia

I purchased my first MRS 2000 in August of the year 2000 at the age of 53, and have been using PEMF therapy to improve and retain my own quality of life ever since, for both health and pain reasons! I believe it might have also helped me slow down the aging process in my body! :-)
My 4 PEMF video testimonials are evidence that I can help you improve your quality of life after your 50's.
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Please Note:  As I don't answer 'unknown' telephone numbers because of nuisance calls due to me having publicly listed my phone number, be sure to always leave a short message and your telephone number, and I will return your call as soon as I can!

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Want Some More Info About
PEMF Therapy & The iMRS?

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It Starts With Your Body's Cells

All body processes run on cellular function and each cell in our body uses energy as its fuel. When a cell is sick or injured, the energy (or charge) in that cell is lower than it should be and we should adress this ASAP. if we value our future quality of life!

imrs system with pemf therapy in australia
Choose Your PEMF Device!

If you are new to PEMF therapy, it's important that you choose a PEMF device that has over 1,500,000 users every day, is FDA approved and complies with all country and legal requirements for supplying PEMF devices for home use.

pemf therapy in australia treatment of client
Book Your PEMF Treatment!

PEMF treatment sessions pulse electromagnetic fields through the body using the earth's natural frequencies. In most cases you might not feel anything other than perhaps a warm or a slight tingling sensation.
Hydrate adequately!

take control of your health with pemf therapy in Australia
Take Control to Improve Your Life!

PEMF therapy recharges your cells' voltages after they have been under environmental or emotional stress or physical injury. This helps you to take control of your health and pain, especially after your 50's!

Book a PEMF Treatment!

PEMF therapy treatment

Rent a PEMF System!

International Accreditations For The Swiss Bionic Solutions iMRS PEMF Therapy Systems

PEMF Therapy Australia

When Pain Stops & Health Improves,
Life begins!

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