10 Essential Tips for Using the iMRS

10 Essential Tips for Using the iMRS

The 10 Essential Tips for Using the iMRS are worthwhile knowing because the iMRS is the world leading PEMF therapy device for home and clinical use and has the potential to deliver profound health benefits with persistent use. 

It’s also the only pulsed magnetic therapy device that uses true earth-based frequencies and field strengths, along with the Chinese Organ Clock, a North-South Pole Variation every 2 minutes and with a research proven sawtooth signal on the iMRS Full Body mat and a NASA researched square wave on the iMRS pillow pad and probe applicators.

While the iMRS comes with a user’s manual, I believe there are still some tips that need to be emphasized and that's why I have put together this list of 10 essential tips for using the iMRS device to help you get the most out of your iMRS PEMF therapy session!

Here are the 10 essential tips for using the iMRS device:

  • 1
    Electronic Interference:
    For best results, use the iMRS system in an environment free from other electronic devices, so put your mobile phone away and just relax!
  • 2
    Keep Hydrated! 
    Hydrate before and after! Many of us don’t understand the importance of drinking adequate (filtered) water to maintain good health and energy. With PEMF therapy, inadequate hydration will reduce electron flow, which will prevent you from getting the full benefit of the iMRS treatment session. Aim to drink 2 glasses of water 15-30 minutes BEFORE each PEMF therapy session, and a total of 6-8 glasses per day. The effectiveness of PEMF therapy is greatly enhanced if the cells and tissues in your body are well hydrated!
  • 3
    Place Your Head at the Cable End of the Mat: 
    When using the iMRS applicator mat, make sure your head is placed at the cable end for each session. The mat can be either way up as the electromagnetic field is emitted from both sides. To benefit even more from your iMRS session, face the mat northward in alignment with the earth’s magnetic field. Even though this might appear rather unnecessary, doing this makes the treatment more effective because the iMRS is all about RESONANCE and NOT intensity, and you may be surprised at how well this technique will improve your results!
  • 4
    Get Comfortable! 
    It is alright to use pillows to support your posture as required, this will not affect the PEMF therapy as the pulsed electromagnetic fields will penetrate the pillows. It’s better to remove large items of jewellery before each session so they will cause no interference. Also, make sure to use the mat on a firm surface because you don’t want to damage the copper coils in the mat. If you cannot lie on the floor, use a wooden board underneath the mat if using on a bed!
  • 5
    Mat First, Local Applicators Second! 
    A common mistake people make as new users of the iMRS device is that they use the pillow/pad or probe before using the full body mat first. It is essential to always use the full body mat first and then the pad or probe applicator afterward. Why? Because the full body mat will energize and oxygenate the cells and promote better circulation all over. This makes the applicators work even better because your body’s cells are ‘opened-up’ and therefore more receptive.
  • 6
    Use These Mat Settings! 
    For most of us, two daily sessions of 8 minutes can be very effective as follows: Morning session – ’Morning’ frequency, 10-50 intensity, 8 minutes. Night session – ‘Night’ frequency, 10 intensity, 8 minutes.

  • 7
    Supplementing Your Diet Will Help!                                                                                                       
    The benefits of daily PEMF therapy can be improved by taking additional nutritional supplementation on a daily basis: i.e.

     * 1000 IU/day of Vitamin D3.
     * 1000mg of Omega 3, 1-2 times daily.
     * 350-500 mg/day of Magnesium Citrate.
     * A good quality Multi-Vitamin.

    In addition, I supplement my diet with a Boomer’s Protein Whey shake every morning to which I also add a teaspoon of organic NutriGreen Australia wheat grass powder and a couple of spoonfuls of Chia seeds.
  • 8
    Take Care of Your iMRS Device 
    When not using the iMRS system, fold the applicator mat along its creases into an ’S’ shape. Do NOT bend or roll! Ensure to use and store the iMRS system in a room free from moisture or damp. The iMRS applicators are made of medically approved vinyl and can be wiped clean or disinfected as required.
  • 9
    ​​​​Be Patient!  
    Even though many people do report fast results, expect it to take approximately 2-6 weeks to start to notice the health benefits of using the iMRS system. Just bear in mind that your health problem has probably taken years to develop, so how can you expect immediate results!
  • 10
    You should NOT use the iMRS device if any of the following applies to you:

         * During pregnancy.
         * If you have a pacemaker, or any other electrical device fitted.
         * Following organ transplant.
         * Epilepsy.

    I always recommend that you consult a doctor before using the iMRS if you are suffering from:

         * Tumour illnesses.
         * Serious fungal or bacterial infection.
         * Persistent high fever.
         * Serious cardiac arrhythmia.
         * Acute attacks of hyperthyroidism.