John discovered the ground-breaking health benefits of PEMF's some 19 years ago when he first acquired the MRS 2000 Med PEMF device from a friend in Austria.

John's time as a young man as a Combat Swimmer/Frogman in the Special Forces of the Dutch Marine Corps, taught him some valuable lessons about a protocol of aerobic and weight resistance exercise, which he has incorporated in his lifestyle ever since to try and retain his health as he grew older!

So, when he was made aware of a DETOX protocol, that required a daily routine of exposing the body to Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields to boost and retain one's health and energy and overcome disease and pain, this immediately made sense to him.

Particularly after perusing his friend's book  'Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy'  by Dr Christian Thuile (M.D.), which documented the many experiences of healing fractures, overcoming chronic disease, eliminating pain and dealing with insomnia and stress by people who had been treated with Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields, and which was accompanied by numerous Doctor's reports and testimonials by their patients!

It's only recently that John realised that PEMF therapy was still relatively unknown in Australia. That this natural, non-invasive, technology, could help many people with pain relief and insomnia, strengthen bones, stimulate circulation and especially protect them against a 'modern' toxin in the form EMF's from mobile phones, their towers, from Wi-Fi and computers etc. which radiation is now affecting so many people's health and prematurely aging them without them even knowing it!

As an 'Independent Health Technician of Swiss Bionic Solutions', John believes that once people understand and then experience the connection between PEMF frequencies, health and disease, they will be able to take control over their health. “They will then realise why the conventional medical approach to dealing with the Chronic Diseases problem in Australia, which according to the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, at least 50% of the population in Australia now suffer from, has so poorly been dealt with": says John.

"They will then also truly understand that the approach of solely addressing the symptoms instead of the cause will NOT empower them to become pain and drug free, full of energy and give them their quality of life back as they grow older".

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