Why Daily Use of the iMRS Device is Essential for the Protection of Your Health & Energy Today ......


PEMF stands for 'Pulsed Electromagnetic Field' and daily use of PEMF therapy is becoming more and more essential to those of us who live in Australia (or any other high electromagnetic frequency Western country) and who value their continued health and energy as they grow older, especially if they are already in our 50's or older!

Like many of us living in Australia today, you might already be suffering from either anxiety, depression, brain fog, sleeping problems, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, racing heart symptoms or lack of energy and will eventually be forced to turn to your Doctor for some help, which 'help' usually comes in the form of a prescription of a pharmaceutical drug!

However, it probably would have never occurred to you that these illnesses might be occurring as a direct result of your continuous, daily exposure to super high electromagnetic frequencies from Wi-Fi at your work, in your shopping centers, schools or home. It might be due to your daily and excessive usage of your mobile phone, your constant use of microwave ovens or because of sitting hours in front of a computer at work. You might even be working or living in close proximity to a mobile phone tower!

Very few of us are even vaguely aware of the effect our continuous exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields can have on our health, let alone are we familiar with the physical affliction or condition known as EHS, (Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity) which occurs in the bodies of some of us due to us having become highly sensitive to all the super high ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF) commonly referred to as ‘Electromagnetic Smog’ or ElectroSmog'.

Yet, on May 13, 2011 a subcommittee of the World Health Organisation (WHO) deemed the physical effects of EHS important enough to hold a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland to place two illnesses, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electro-Hyper Sensitivity on the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases, after a petition was made by over 450 Health professionals and organisations from 25 countries. 
(including 5 from Australia!)

These Unnatural Super High Frequencies Will Have an Impact on Our Health Over Time ...

Even though most of us don't detect this wireless radiation with our human senses, (with the exception of a small minority who describe it as a burning sensation in their body), these unnatural, super high frequencies will have an impact on our health over the long term because they fall outside the ‘biological window’ of human cell frequencies and the earth’s natural frequency of 7.83 Hz!

This ‘biological window’ or 'range' is where our cells resonate at frequencies between 0.5 and 25 Hz and the NASA study more or less confirmed that anything outside of those frequencies tends to have a negative impact on the body because our cells interact via a process called resonance. Magnetic fields pass through the body without encountering any resistance but only when they do so within the 0.5 and 25 Hz frequency range, will they resonate with the natural oscillation of cells and organ systems.

When this occurs, the cells within our bodies communicate efficiently and we stay healthy! However, when we frequently expose ourselves to super high, wireless frequency signals of mobile phones, BlueTooth and Wi-Fi of up to 2600 Mega Hz, this communication process becomes disrupted and negative health consequences will develop over time!

​​​​We Are Being 'Wi-Fried' on a Daily Basis!

Consequently, little do we also realize then that in a sense we are being 'Wi-Fried’ all day long because these super high frequencies are found in every household, in every work place, school and shopping centre, which are surrounded by concrete, rubber and metal and block the natural Pulsating ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF’s) of the earth, the consequences of which can be extremely damaging to our health over time, especially for the young and elderly, as is so clearly conveyed in this video!

So, What Can You Do About It?

Daily use of PEMF therapy using the iMRS PEMF device is the answer as Dr Magda Havas, who has been researching the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution since the 1990's including radio frequency radiation, electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity, experienced herself!

Magnetic fields used in wireless communication like those used in Wi-Fi and mobile phones for instance, (including those used in PEMF therapy!) are generated artificially. The main difference whether or not a magnetic field is therapeutically beneficial or harmful, is found in the difference of the composition of these magnetic fields! For therapeutic use, fields of a lower frequency (i.e. 0.5 to 25 Hz!) and intensity are used to fit precisely in dosage into the previously mentioned 'biological window' of the cells.

These frequencies and intensities, which are also used in the PEMF therapy device known as the iMRS, are tuned exactly to the body's needs and are cycled accurately with their 'information' content in the cells, while in many of the technical fields, the natural parameters are NOT taken into account! The result? The 'content' of the electromagnetic signal to the cells is chaotic and confused!

So, just like you would take a daily shower or bath to wash yourself clean from dirt, grime and waste build up on your skin, you will now need to take an ‘electromagnetic bath’ at least once or twice a day by lying on the iMRS body mat for 8 to 16 minutes. Eight minutes is generally sufficient to reset the body and brain cells BACK to the natural earth frequencies and cleanse discordant and static electrical build-up and thus restore healthy cell function for at least 4 to 6 hours, sometimes longer.

Even Though Most People Won't Feel Anything When Lying on the Full Body Mat, it Doesn't Mean Nothing is Happening!

Like I said before, daily use of PEMF therapy, is becoming essential for those of us who value their continued health when living in this 'electrosmog' environment. Some people might experience a slight sensation of heat or warmth in a particular area of their body or a tingling sensation in their hands, feet or muscles when undergoing this PEMF therapy treatment but most people, similar to 'electrosmog', don't feel anything when lying on the iMRS full body mat. 

Yet, one of the claims made by those who are using the MRS 2000 or the iMRS (Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) system is that this low frequency technology helps blood circulation by keeping blood cells from sticking together.

Dr Magda Havas, who has been researching the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution since the 1990's, including radio frequency radiation, electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity, and works with Diabetics as well as with individuals who are electrically hypersensitive, did a live blood analysis after working on her computer.

She then tested her blood after lying on the MRS 2000 body mat for 8 minutes on a sensitive setting (a very low intensity) and found to her great surprise that her blood cells looked much healthier! (Here is the link to the YouTube video in which Dr. Havas mentions this experiment in her interview with Dr Mercola) That they were no longer sticking together as before. Not believing the results of her first test, she repeated this test several times afterwards and found virtually identical results as reflected on the two slides shown, and also in the video on the left using 'Dark Field Microscopy'.
So, Why Don’t People Know About This Way of EMF Protection, You Ask?

Clearly vested interest groups want to keep you in the dark about the harmful side effects of these super high electromagnetic frequencies because there is a lot of money at stake for BIG business! Likewise, pharmaceutical companies only advertise because they know that once they can get you hooked on a drug or a prescription, you will go for refills - again money is the sole driving force!

Swiss Bionic Solutions don't advertise but depend on word of mouth to promote their products! Swiss Bionic Solutions, which manufactures the iRMS, gives YOU, the consumer, control over your own health on the cellular level, so you can restore and maintain proper cell function and counteract the effects of wireless radiation of our modern world and YES, Swiss Bionic Solutions' purpose for marketing their products is not only to help you protect your health but also to make a profit!

However, even if you are already experiencing the consequences of bad health due to wireless radiation or any other reason, you can at least have a chance to recover your health in most cases and have more energy, sleep better, have less or no pain and become more focused because you have reversed impaired cell function by using the iMRS PEMF therapy system consistently on a daily basis without the side effects of and increased dependency on pharmaceutical drugs!

And when you get well, you still have your own iMRS system because you only buy it once! There are NO monthly user fees and NO refills etc! This is a very different approach to health from the current medical method of treating disease because the IMRS PEMF therapy system addresses the cause and NOT the Symptoms and does not rely on the renewal of prescriptions!

Electro-Smog is Here to Stay!

At one time in history you were considered a fool and ‘crazy’ for speaking out against the big tobacco companies and letting people know that smoking cigarettes could compromise your health. Today, it's the fast internet and mobile connection speeds and downloads using wireless radiation commonly now referred to as 'Electro-Smog' that's threatening your health!

And it's NOT going to go away because there is too much money at stake for big business and also because as a society we have become too accustomed to the convenience of fast download and reception speeds for our mobile phones and the internet. It will only get worse with the implementation of the future 5G network (5th generation of broadband cellular network technology), succeeding the current 4G, which both Telstra and Optus hope to introduce into Australia in early 2019 after recent real-world trials of 5G on the Gold Coast, which achieved speeds of 3,000 Mbps – that's 30x faster than the fastest NBN at a speed of 100 megabits per second!

That's why they are now saying that wireless radiation will be the next ‘cigarette health challenge!’

This time however, you won’t be able to escape it by going into a non-smoking room!