high blood pressure in Australia

High Blood Pressure in Australia!

Hypertension or high blood pressure in Australia is a growing problem and the Australian Heart Foundation reported that close to 6 million Australians (34%) aged 18 years and over had high blood pressure in the Commonwealth of Australia (systolic or diastolic blood pressure is ≥140/90 mmHg or taking medication).

Of these, more than two thirds (68%) had uncontrolled or unmanaged high blood pressure (not taking medication), representing 4 million adult Australians. (1), which could lead to a stroke or a heart attack at any moment or have a devastating effect on the kidneys over time. This is a rather worrying state of affairs, especially for the over 50’s when the percentage of the number of people affected by high blood pressure in Australia tends to steadily increase once we are past our 50's!


The following is a guide for what is considered normal, elevated, and dangerous at best.

  • Normal blood pressure -The systolic pressure or top number is 120 or lower, and the diastolic or lower number should be 60-79.
  • Pre-hypertension or individuals that are considered “predisposed”-The systolic pressure or top number is 120-139, and the lower number or diastolic pressure is 80-89.
  • Elevated or stage 1- This means that systolic pressure is 140-159, and the diastolic pressure is 90-99.
  • Elevated but considered stage 2-This means that the systolic pressure is 160, with a diastolic over 100.

The Symptoms of High Blood Pressure!

The symptoms can vary from headaches to dizziness to nosebleeds, and feelings of anxiety. As a person now in my 70's I have become very conscious of my blood pressure and take readings every 2nd or 3rd day just to be on the safe side!

There also are numerous reasons why an individual can have high blood pressure, and so are the numerous ways one can reduce their blood pressure either with or without prescription drugs.

In this Post, you will learn how the relatively unknown approach of PEMF therapy can help you reduce high blood pressure painlessly and
easily without prescription drugs.

PEMF Therapy – A Natural Alternative to Treat High Blood Pressure in Australia!

One of the ways of addressing hypertension WITHOUT prescription drugs is with PEMF therapy. The problem is that PEMf or 'Pulsed Electromagnetic Field' therapy is still relatively unknown in Australia today.

This is a pity as this way of naturally reducing one's high blood pressure and then staying in control of it without the need for taking pharmaceutical drugs is an effective approach that’s very much used in Europe like Germany for instance, where the medical fraternity works closely with what we call here in Australia 'alternative medicine', before reverting to the prescription of medications.

PEMF therapy is not only becoming more popular in the field of holistic medicine in the USA and Canada but it is also getting the attention of medical doctors there that have been struggling to find a long-term improvement in their patients’ blood pressure problems after using the conventional treatment of addressing hypertension with pharmaceutical drugs.

As indicated previously in this post, the older we get, the greater the risk of suffering from uncontrolled or unmanaged high blood pressure and according to a report by the University of Sydney in 2017, high blood pressure in Australia is now ranked at the TOP of the list of all chronic diseases today; even above other chronic conditions and diseases like diabetes and depression!

Factors that Contribute to High Blood Pressure in Australia, which Can be Addressed with PEMF Therapy!

There are various factors that can contribute to high blood pressure or hypertension, which can be addressed with PEMF therapy.

Age was the first factor I referred to in this post and that isn’t surprising because medical science studies show that as our body ages, we become more susceptible to hormonal and cellular changes, which weaken our immune system and make us more prone to age-related diseases.

As we grow older, poor circulation is another factor that can contribute to high blood pressure problems. PEMF therapy improves circulation when used on a consistent basis because stimulation with earth-based Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields can regenerate damaged blood vessels and grow new ones, which improves the quality of life for both diabetics as well as those who suffer from high blood pressure in Australia.

Family history is an equally important contributing factor and those of us who are obese or have a family history of high blood pressure may well have to address their diet or lack of physical activity.

PEMF Therapy is Especially Important for the Over 50's!

As I mentioned before, if you are in your 50’s or older, I believe it’s important to open your mind to this alternative treatment of high blood pressure if you don’t wish to suffer the side effects that come with the consistent taking of pharmaceutical drugs over time, especially now that there are thousands of European studies that prove that PEMF therapy can help heal many chronic diseases or ease their symptoms like those of either high or low blood pressure problems.

As indicated previously, I am now in my 70’s and because I have always been interested in health and longevity, I purchased my first PEMF device some 18 years ago after reading Dr. Christian Thuile’s book ‘Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy’.

This book is full of many reports by physicians and with personal testimonies from people who have used PEMF therapy to successfully treat all kinds of chronic diseases. CLICK on the image below to view one of the pages in this book on high blood pressure.
Below is another reference to treating high blood pressure with PEMF therapy; this time in the form of a video presentation by Wolfgang Jaksch, the CEO of Swiss Bionic Solutions, the manufacturer of the iMRS PEMF device I purchased. In this video, he refers to a PubMed study as listed below the video:
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21248759 and then click on DOI:10.1038/hr.2010.246 further down that page for a more in-depth report.

The next video clip is taken from an interview I conducted with Keith from Brisbane, who had recently purchased an iMRS PEMF device after many hours of indecision. 68-Year old Keith suffered from a number of health problems varying from severe back pain to Tinnitus, high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes. He has never looked back since!

Results of general medical PEMF studies can also be found by searching in PubMed.

When blood pressure is high or low most of us will also suffer from fatigue and lack of energy. Using PEMF therapy on a consistent basis will result in a natural boost of energy without the constant need for coffee or other stimulants. Additionally, those who are under STRESS can also benefit from PEMF therapy because it induces relaxation.

Decreasing the heart rate is another positive side effect of consistently using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, in that the heart can function better. My resting heart rate as a 71-year old is around 58.

Important Disclaimer!

PEMF therapy should NOT replace the medical advice you receive from your doctor. You should also be aware that devices implanted into the body could prevent you from using this therapy.  However, if you are NOT satisfied with the advice that you have been given by your physician or if you wish to reduce your intake of pharmaceutical drugs, why not contact me to book a PEMF treatment if you live in the Brisbane area or rent if you live too far away.

Contact me on 0473 11 73 11 or Email me at johntonsbeek@bigpond.com because YOUR health and YOUR quality of life are YOUR responsibility and NOT your doctor’s!

(1) Australian Bureau of Statistics. Australian Health Survey 2014/15 (4364.0).

About the Author John Tonsbeek

Ever since I was first introduced to a code of health as an 11-year-old boy, I have always taken an interest in health and longevity. I purchased an MRS 2000 PEMF system in the year 2000 because the principle of optimizing and rejuvenating my body's cells with pulsed electromagnetic fields to retain my health and energy as a then 53-year-old made sense to me.   Both my wife Ruth and I have been using it ever since very much to our benefit.

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