How Does PEMF Work?

How Does PEMF Therapy Work?

How does PEMF work when it comes to the health of our cells when we know that our health is dependent on keeping the trillions of cells within our body in a healthy state?

The problem with most of us that we don't really know how to do that and this becomes even more apparent and crucial once we are in our 50's or older; when a lifetime of stress, incorrect nutrition, lack of exercise etc. finally catch up with our body because our cells have been pushed towards a state of dysfunction and disease over many years of physical and emotional neglect.

Keeping the trillions of cells within our body in a healthy state is not a passive process but requires an active intervention on our part and PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy can play a hugely significant role in keeping our cells healthy and will greatly help with recovering and then protecting our health and thus our quality of life as we grow older, provided it's delivered at the right frequency and intensity!

So, before we commit ourselves to purchase a PEMF device, we will need to understand two crucial points and these are the concepts of Resonance and the 
‘Biological Window’.


How does PEMF work when it comes to RESONANCE you might ask? Well, a much-used example of 'resonance frequency' is the typical playground swing, which acts as a pendulum.

If you push a child on a swing in time with the natural interval of the swing, the swing will go higher and higher. However, pushing it at any other time will interfere with the swing and it will then go lower or even stop altogether.

When the swing is pushed in phase or 'in resonance', the energy it absorbs is maximized allowing it to reach its maximum amplitude or highest point. This concept can similarly be applied to the cells within the human body. A good example of 'resonance frequency' can be seen in the video below in a an experiment carried out at the Ikuchi laboratory in Japan in 2012 using 32 pendulums.

When electromagnetic impulses of the appropriate frequency are applied to the body, this can result in a process called 'cellular resonance', with vibration of the cell occurring at maximum amplitude, similar to the principle of 'resonance' you saw happening with the 32 pendulums. When this occurs, the resulting stimulation of the cell’s membrane receptors activates a variety of functions within the cell, accounting for the widespread benefits of PEMF therapy!

How Does PEMF Work With Our 'Biological Window'

Dr. Ross Adey, an Australian born professor of anatomy and physiology working at UCLA School of Medicine, coined the term "biological window." This 'biological window', sometimes referred to as the 'Adey window' showed that there is a range or spectrum of electromagnetic energies that are readily accepted by the body and converted to positive physiological responses.

It also showed that signals that fell outside the 'biological window' had little or no effect, or in some cases a negative or toxic effect! That living tissues readily detect, absorb and utilised electromagnetic signals within some frequency ranges and completely ignored other frequencies naturally encountered in the frequency spectrum. Professor Adey measured the calcium output of brain cells in rabbits to demonstrate that this effect could only be triggered using very low magnetic field intensities and a specific low frequency.

It is therefore not surprising that both these values of 'resonance' as well as the 'biological window' form the basis and are now replicated in the technology of the most effective PEMF systems like the iRMS, which are used for home use as well as in medical practices to stimulate the cell’s membrane receptors and activate a variety of functions within the cell to bring about recovery from illnessalleviate pain, adress depression, speed up healing and improve energy and therefore general wellbeing!

That's why the Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation delivered by the iRMS device within the 'biological window' of the body can have such a profoundly positive impact on our health and why stimulation at frequencies and amplitudes outside the 'biological window' will produce little or no positive health benefit!



* To maximize your mental clarity, focus and productivity
* For healthy on-the-job stress management ​
* For efficient 8 - 24 minute work breaks, providing essential renewal in the midst of your projects requiring heavy concentration


* For pre-competition warm-up
* To reduce or eliminate lost training days due to illness
* To rapid post-exercise recovery after strenuous workouts​
* To support faster rehabilitation for injuries


* To improve mobility 
* To increase energy, vitality & strength 
* To provide metabolic support for bed-bound people
* To optimize physical & psychological balance


* To circulation & immune system function 
* To activate cellular metabolism & repair 
* To aid relaxation & detoxification
* To provide optimal overall vitality