How to Purchase Your Own iMRS PEMF System 

All Prices on this Website are in US Dollars (USD $'s) & DON'T INCLUDE GST

Shipping costs are USD $300 for the new iMRS prime systems and USD $180 for the Omnium 1 systems

To convert the approximate Australian dollar (AUD) amount go to
(this conversion will only reflect the current rate, which will differ at the time of purchase)

Payment Options:

- Bank Transfer - Doing a Bank Transfer is the cheapest way to purchase your iMRS or Omnium system. Even though your bank will charge you a fee for doing the transfer, it's much cheaper than paying the PayPal fee of 2.7% + $0.30 fee on any foreign currency transaction funded through PayPal. It's also a lot less complicated! The details of how to do the Bank transfer will be at the bottom right-hand corner of your order form.

2 - Credit Card or PayPal - once the order form is received, a secure payment link will be sent to you via email to make the payment.

NEXT: When you have made a decision as to which Swiss Bionic Solutions system you wish to purchase, then contact us and we will fill out an order form of which you will receive a copy. Be sure to to provide us with a delivery address where someone will be there all day, as DHL (the courier we use) does not give any specific window of time on the actual delivery. However, you will be emailed a tracking link that will show you the specific day of delivery!

The order will then be processed and you will be sent a secure online payment link if you choose to purchase by Credit Card or PayPal. If you purchase using a bank transfer then please send us a receipt!

Shipment: Once our Singapore office receives the payment, the system is usually shipped out the next day from Singapore using DHL Express or from our bigger distribution centre in Hong Kong. Once shipped, it usually takes two to three business days to reach major metropolitan areas, but may take longer for deliveries in the country!

GST Collection

GST will be collected by the courier, who will notify you and arrange payment. DHL Express will also send you a link to track the delivery status of your order.