iMRS PEMF Review.
How the iMRS Compares to Other PEMF Products on the Market!

In This iMRS PEMF Review, the 2018 iMRS Has More Features That Yield Safer, Better, More Cost Effective Results Than Any Other PEMF System Available on the Internet Market in Australia Today ...

The iMRS PEMF Review ...

  • The iMRS can be more easily upgraded and has more options
  • The iMRS has a superior, German/Swiss design and construction
  • The iMRS delivers a better, higher quality PEMF signal with its multi-frequency Sawtooth and Square waveforms proven by research
  • The iMRS can automatically adjust the signal through Heart Rate Variation (HRV) biofeedback with its iMORE - Interactive MOnitoring and REgulation System  
  • The iMRS is appropriate for both home as well as clinical use with it's iGUIDE protocols for 284 conditions based on clinical data
  • The iMRS automatically adjusts the frequency according to the time of day
  • The iMRS is registered with the FDA in the US and Health Canada and in Europe certified as Class IIa-medical device *
  • All of These Features Make the iMRS a Significantly Better Choice When it Comes to Value & Effectiveness Compared to Cost

The PEMF Systems Shown Below Are Evaluated Based On Science, Features, and Price

The iMRS PEMF Review & The Bemer
  • More expensive
  • Questionable Waveform
  • Limited Range of Intensities
  • Poorer Coil Construction
  • Fewer Features
The IMRS and Bemer PEMF devices are the most popular ones sold on the market today. Below are a few others which are also taking their market share.
The iMRS PEMF Review & The OMI
  • New and Unproven - No Track Record, No Research, No Clinical Data AT ALL! 
  • Cheap Product = Cheap Results!
  • Limited Range of Intensities and Simplistic Repeating Squarewave
  • Fewer Features
  • Not FDA and Canada Health Registered