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iMRS prime PEMF Systems and SETS


iMRS Prime Basic -  USD $4,490 + GST & Shipping
iMRS Prime Basic SET-  USD $5,490 + GST & Shipping
The SET includes the
Exagon Brain & Exagon Sense

IMRS prime Basic & Basic SET

The IMRS prime Basic is your entry level into PEMF therapy comprising just the control unit, connector box, body mat and pad, with the top intensity, fast start programs and 1-60 minutes timer, but without the most powerful applicator, the Spot attachment. You can upgrade from the iMRS prime Basic system to any other of the systems listed below.

The Basic SET Includes:

  1. IMRS prime control unit
  2. iMRS Prime Connector Box
  3. Exagon Applicator Mat
  4. Exagon Applicator Pad
  5. Power Adapter 
  6. 20-pin Prime Connector cable
  7. Software Tool Program Mode

    PLUS the SET Includes the 
  8. Exagon SENSE 
  9. Exagon BRAIN
imrs prime advanced and advanced set

iMRS Prime Advanced -  USD $5,290 + GST & Shipping
iMRS Prime Advanced SET-  USD $6,290 + GST & Shipping
The SET includes the
Exagon Brain & Exagon Sense

IMRS prime Advanced & Advanced SET

The IMRS prime ADVANCED includes everything in the Basic, plus the Spot applicator (a smaller but more powerful double pad for localised pain and tissue repair replacing the probe with the iMRS Complete)

The Advanced SET includes the Exagaon SENSE and Exagon BRAIN.

iMRS Prime Expert -  USD $6,290 + GST & Shipping
iMRS Prime Expert SET-  USD $7,290 + GST & Shipping
The SET includes the
Exagon Brain & Exagon Sense

July Sale = USD $5,290 - Save USD $1,000

Approx. AUD 1,500!

No Sets Available as yet!

IMRS prime Expert & Expert SET

The IMRS prime EXPERT includes everything in the ADVANCED plus the IGuide database and a SPLIT Mode. Click on the toggle below for more information on these two valuable additions to your PEMF system, especially if you are a health or medical practitioner!  

The Expert SET Includes:

  1. The upgraded iGuide that has a database of hundreds of health issues with the optimal settings for supporting the body for each condition – especially useful for therapists and clinics, but also used by many home users.
  2. The Split Mode, which allows for two applicators to be used at the same time. That means that one user can use two Spot applicators on two ankles. Or two users can use two different body mats, two Sense sensors and two Sound and Light systems similtaneously, each on its own individual settings!

    PLUS the Expert SET Includes of course the: 
  • Exagon SENSE  and Exagon BRAIN 

iMRS Prime Hybrid -  USD $7,290 + GST & Shipping
iMRS Prime Hybrid SET-  USD $8,290 + GST & Shipping
The SET includes the
Exagon Brain & Exagon Sense

Featuring Far-Infrared (FIR)

IMRS prime Hybrid & Hybrid SET

The iMRS prime HYBRID includes everything in the Expert, PLUS a new type of mat that combines PEMF with carbon-fibre-based Far InfraRed energy. The sensation from these combined technologies is like floating. And when this is further combined with Heart Rate Variability from the Exagon SENSE and the Sound -Light - Relax system from the Exagon BRAIN with the iMRS Prime Hybrid SET, the sensation of relaxation and healing is probably unlike anything you’ve experienced before!

Additional Information!

As indicated previously, each of the prime Exagon PEMF systems can also be upgraded (at a generous discount if they’re part of your initial order) in the form of an iMRS Prime Set. The iMRS Prime Basic, Advanced, Expert, Hybrid and Trial SETS add on the Exagon SENSE and Exagon BRAIN accessories (see below). These are far more advanced versions of the previous iMORE and iSLRS systems.

Both the Exagon SENSE and BRAIN accessories are well worth considering anyway for their ability to reduce stress levels (and thereby deepen the effects of the PEMF field) and for the SENSE’s ability to determine which settings suit the user best.

It’s worth mentioning that the Exagon SENSE attachment turns the whole system into an automatic, continuous bio-feedback loop, using the user’s heart rate variability measurement, and the mat’s PEMF field strength, as the two ends of that loop.

iMRS Prime Trial -  USD $8,590 + GST & Shipping
iMRS Prime Trial SET-  USD $9,590 + GST & Shipping
The SET includes the
Exagon Brain & Exagon Sense

Featuring Far-Infrared (FIR)


JULY 2020 Sales Special USD 7,290

SAVE USD 1,300 - Approx. AUD 1,900!

No Sets Available as yet!

The IMRS prime TRIAL includes everything in the Expert or Hybrid, PLUS a new signal generator. Designed for practitioners and researchers, this signal new generator enables them to duplicate PEMF signals used in research studies and to invent their own.

The system’s Heart Rate Variability storage and analysis functions then become a valuable way of assessing and monitoring the body’s reactions and progress in response to these new signals.

Additional Information for the iMRS prime Trial system and SET

The system’s Heart Rate Variability storage and analysis functions then become a valuable way of assessing and monitoring the body’s reactions and progress in response to these new signals.

The iMRS Prime Trial can create any blend of waveform, frequencies, pulsing and intensities up to 1000 Micro-Tesla (which is still relatively low intensity compared with some other systems but far higher than we normally recommend, at least for regular home use).

A training and certification requirement is attached to the purchase and use of this system/set.

Except for the experimental Trial version (which can create virtually any waveform), every level of the iMRS Prime uses the same sawtooth and square waves, the same Nature-based frequencies and intensities as were used on the original iMRS and MRS2000.

Adjustable parameters:​

  • Carrier Frequencies: 0,1 – 39,99 kHz
  • Number of pulses: fully adjustable
  • Impulse Breaks: fully adjustable
  • Impulse repetitions: fully adjustable
  • Intensities: 0,1 – 900 microTesla
  • Waveforms: Sine Waves, Square Waves, Sawtooth, Triangle, Trapezoidal
  • Supports: Exagon MAT, Exagon PAD, Exagon Spot

The SET Includes the Exagon SENSE and the Exagon BRAIN

Prices of the iMRS prime PEMF Systems

iMRS Prime Exagon systems start at USD $4490 for the Basic model, rising to USD $6290 for our favorite, the iMRS Prime Expert and iMRS Hybrid at USD $7,290, and USD $8,590 for the iMRS Prime Trial designed for specialist therapists and researchers.

Swiss Bionic Solutions (SBS) has divided its distributors into different regions throughout the world and has set fixed prices for me here in Australia and all of its other distributors, so if you find a lower price somewhere, it’s bogus and usually second-hand because SBS will only complete a sale at the official price.

The iMRS Prime systems are shipped from our Singapore office. 

The main differences between distributors are not prices or local support, but levels of experience and knowledge, and the quality of training being offered.

I acquired my first MRS 2000 PEMF therapy system from SBS some 20 years ago AND It's still working the way it did when I first purchased it!

       MRS 2000 PEMF Therapy System

Warranty on the iMRS prime PEMF Systems

  • Touch Control Panel – 3 Years
  • Connector Box – 3 Years
  • Exagon Applicators – 3 Years
  • Exagon Sense/Brain – 6 months
  • Power Adapter – 6 months
  • Accessories, cable – 6 months
  • IMRS Prime Carefree Warranty Packages

    • 48 Months Package USD 449
    • 60 Months Package USD 559

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    The iMRS prime System Components

    Control Unit

    At the center of the iMRS Prime system is the user-friendly control unit in the form of a touch-screen display. Here you are able to punch in all the functions and settings of the system. Using USB sticks, the unit can also be upgraded if you wish to upgrade your PEMF system to a higher level or when further improvements are released in the future.

    The control unit has 7 Fast Start programs, which means that you only need to push a couple of on-screen buttons to start most sessions.

    Key Features

    • One-cable connection to the Connector Box
    • Two internal speakers
    • Two USB jacks (for upgrades and more)
    • Two earphone jacks and you can use your own headphones if you wish
    imrs prime control unit

    Connector Box

    This is the stand-out change to the iMRS PEMF system because it now allows you to expand the number of applicators, while keeping the control unit free of clutter.

    The connector box connects to the control unit with just one cable, and also connects to all the other applicators and sensors through multiple ports. i.e. it can connect two sets of applicators (e.g. two people can use two separate applicators and programs, or one person can use two applicators at the same time).

    imrs prime connector box

    The Body Mat Applicator

    The main treatment device in the iMRS prime PEMF therapy system is a cushioned body mat, which contains three pairs of copper coils configured to have the weakest field at the head end (17.50 Micro-Tesla or mT) and the strongest at the feet (up to 45 mT).

    The body mat is still covered with a strong, durable, washable material but now has an embossed surface texture that makes it warmer and more comfortable to lie on compared to the previous iMRS body mat.

    Key Features

    Like all the iMRS Prime’s applicators, it now also has a small LED lamp on its edge that changes color, from blue to green to blue, as its field changes polarity every two minutes, and to the color red, if it is faulty.

    The mat is divided into three hinged panels, which makes it easy to fold and store, and can easily tucked away under a bed.

    When you lie on the mat, it bathes the entire body, and all its internal systems, in a pulsed electromagnetic field, using a complex ‘sawtooth’ signal. The mat’s field is further regulated by a cycle of natural earth-based frequencies (determined by the time of day), including the Schumann Resonance.

    The daily treatment on the body mat is the primary requirement for using the iMRS PRIME to its full potential for improved health, wellbeing, and prevention of illness or pain.  While other components are equally useful for localized pain relief, tissue repair, and stress relief, consistent daily treatments on the body mat are at the heart of using the iMRS.

    The Pad or Pillow Applicator

    Compared to the previous iMRS pad or pillow applicator, the iMRS PRIME pad is larger than the previous iMRS pad to give a larger coverage area.

    This is especially useful for treating the whole back, but also other major body areas, such as the chest and abdomen, usually at much higher intensities than you would use on the mat.

    The Difference Between the Pad and the Body Mat

    The difference between the pad and the body mat is that it uses a different, square-wave signal, with a maximum intensity of 65 microTesla and contains a cushioned pad but with only two of the same copper coils used in the whole body mat.

    The pad is particularly useful for treating stress and tension in the shoulders and back, tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis and myofascial complaints, sore muscles following intense exercise, arthritis in major joints, and for speeding up the repair of bone fractures, cartilage and muscle tears. It is also useful for supporting the work of various organs in the body.

    imrs prime exagon pad on knee
    imrs prime exagon pad
    imrs prime Exagon Pad

    The Spot Applicator

    Like the pad, the Spot uses a square-wave signal and is typically used at much higher intensities than the mat.

    This allows it to focus intense energy onto small areas of pain or dysfunction: either one coil over a small area such as the mouth, a sinus, jaw or single organ, or two coils wrapped around a hand, foot, shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist or ankle.

    Additional Information

    When the Spot is wrapped around the part of the body to be treated, the coils are placed opposite each other and generate a Helmholtz Effect (a homogenous magnetic field), which doubles the effects of the PEMF field in that area.

    This focused energy and power is suitable and useful for those who have to deal with chronic pain or dysfunction or are experiencing regular injuries.

    This is especially applicable to the older age groups or sports enthusiasts when injuries and wounds tend to be more frequent than normal. For minor soft tissue or even joint injuries, the Spot’s top intensity can be extremely effective!

    Often, when used immediately after the event, it’s not unusual to see pain vanishing within minutes, or at least within a day or two. For more dense structures like cartilage and bone fractures, repairs will take longer but are typically far faster than normal.

    Like the pillow or pad, the Spot uses a square-wave signal and is typically used at much higher intensities than the mat.

    prime spot applicator
    imrs prime exagon spot applicator
    imrsprime exagon spot applicator

    The iMRS prime Exagon SETS

    The New Exagon SENSE


    Unlike the previous biofeedback (iMORE) on the iMRS (2000), which measured only Heart Rate Variability, the new Exagon Sense not only uses Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as a biofeedback loop to automatically adjust the intensity of the system but it also measures your spO2 or oxygen saturation using the new Kubios software!

    Although it’s an optional accessory, the Exagon Sense is one of the most important tools through which the iMRS Prime reaches its full potential because it can train your own, personal Heart Rate Variability by creating homeostasis or a state of equilibrium or balance in the body!

    Important Additional Information for the Exagon SENSE

    The Exagon Sense is an optical measuring device, which clips onto your finger and measures your Heart Rate Variability (HRV, the fluctuating time interval between each pair of heartbeats). With this data, the device turns the whole iMRS Prime system into a unique bio-feedback loop.

    The same was true of the iMORE device with the old iMRS system, but the Exagon Sense device and system are far more advanced and a lot more precise.

    It’s like putting the PRIME Exagon mat on autopilot, as it very intelligently adjusts the intensity EXACTLY to what the user needs.

    Not only does the Exagon Sense update its readings constantly, but it also displays these on screen as a continuous point graph throughout the session, and then stores them internally for up to a year.

    This offers a powerful window to assess the user’s health over time, their response to the settings chosen on the iMRS Prime and to any other remedy or modality the user might be using currently.

    For the first time ever, it now becomes possible to fine-tune the PEMF field according to the user’s changing needs as generated by his heart rate variability.

    For example, a young athlete will have a different response from a sedentary elderly person, and yet both will go through periods when their body is responding well or badly to other factors that have nothing to do with their age or fitness levels!

    The Exagon Sense therefore provides a unique way of ensuring a tailor-made fit approach to an improvement in health and wellbeing, regardless what happens in the user’s life.

    What’s more!

    HRV is considered the gold standard in assessing a person’s stress level, and, crucially, how their body responds to it. It is used by several major corporations as a way of reducing stress and reactivity in their employees.

    It’s now an accepted fact that HRV biofeedback can produce significant reductions in Blood Pressure and improve emotional health among hypertensive employees... and may even produce a healthier and more productive workforce, enhancing performance and reducing losses to the organization resulting from cognitive decline, illness, and premature mortality

    It is also a way of measuring and improving the functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System, which has major implications for your overall health and longevity.

    Standard HRV systems measure your heart rate variability as either a simple indicator of overall health or to give feedback on your body’s response to, for example, meditation or breathing exercises, which are valuable in their own right.

    But they only have an immediate effect for as long as you watch the screen and for instance meditate or focus on your breathing — you have to put in the effort to make them work.

    In the case of the Exagon Sense, the entire process is effortless and automated, with the PEMF field from the mat, and your own heart rate variability, acting as opposite ends of a continuous, inter-active loop.

    This means dynamically altering PEMF field strengths, using changes in HRV. When the system registers any stress, the field is reduced, and as soon as that settles down, the field is raised again (the field at low levels is relaxing, but as it gets stronger, becomes energizing).

    This results in a ‘tuning-up’ of your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) during every session. The ANS is the part of your nervous system that automatically regulates your heart, digestive system, glands (including hormones), and other involuntary body functions.

    It is your body’s first response to physical or psychological stimuli, and it operates in two states: the Sympathetic Nervous System (responsible for the Fight or Flight survival response) and the Parasympathetic System (healing and regeneration).

    When the ANS response becomes degraded, the body stays in near-constant Sympathetic states due to constant stress. This is true of vast numbers of people in modern society, and it results in the body being less able to recover from disease and injury, and also in speeding up the aging process in the body.

    Analyze Yourself!

    The good news is that the new iMRS Exagon Prime uses Kubios HRV software, which is the market leader in heart rate variability analysis software for scientific research and professional use. After each session, the new Exagon sense will show you a VERY detailed graph and analysis of your HRV so you can now REALLY measure your HRV and see how it improves over time.

    If, over time, (this not a quick fix), your HRV function is steadily improved, then your body is moved towards its highest potential for adaptability to stress, affecting its ability to repair itself and re-establish health and wellness.


    The Exagon Sense has a further function: it measures the amount of oxygen in your blood.

    The light wave from the finger sensor device detects variations in the blood’s colour, which indicate the degree of oxygenation saturation. A normal oxygen reading is typically between 95 to 100% (of oxygenated vs un-oxygenated haemoglobin).

    A below - normal blood oxygen level is called Hypoxia, which is is a low state of oxygen in the tissues of the body usually caused by breathing problems, cardiovascular problems or anemia, which could lead to serious cell damage over time!

    PEMF treatment from just one 8 minute session on the iMRS PRIME body mat improves circulation (partly through increased nitric oxide levels and greater mobility in red blood cells) and can increase blood level oxygen levels by 2-3 percentage points.

    The Exagon Sense lets you see the extent of that impact throughout each session, which might also help you decide how often you should be using the mat!

    Exagon paraympathetic recovery and stress tone
    imrs prime exagon sense
    exagon sense logo

    USD $895

    exagon self monitoring

    The New Exagon BRAIN

    The new Exagon Brain is a greatly improved Light, Sound, Relax system, which is a quantum step forward when compared to the older iSLRS (Integrated Sound Light Relax System) but in principle it works the same way and is the perfect complement to both the main PRIME PEMF system and the Exagon Sense.  

    The Exagon Brain helps to melt away stress, and improve emotional balance, mental focus and clarity — like a spa for the brain and is ideally suited to the stressed executive who can take an 8 minute-break during his or her work day to relieve stress and reinvigorate him or herself.

    Important Additional Information for the Exagon BRAIN

    While the mat is bathing your whole body in a rejuvenating field, the Exagon Brain helps to increase its effects by producing deeper relaxation and helping you enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep in a matter of minutes.

    Unlike the deeper, long-term effects of the Sense, the Brain is a quick fix, usually producing instant relaxation. This is important: stress has been found in many clinical studies to be a key component in most serious diseases.

    The Exagon Brain is simple to use. Just lay on your Exagon body mat, put on the goggles, then breath deeply and let yourself relax to feel your body become more energized and rejuvenated.

    The Brain device connects into the controller box, and comprises eye pads, headphones and a built-in music player, and offers a combination of four different types of therapy:

    Brain Entrainment through flickering lights – these help the brain move into the Alpha and Theta waves in which deep learning, intuition, visualisation and idea generation are generally found.

    Brain Entrainment through binaural beats. Along with the music are separate tones, sometimes audible. Again, this is a decades-old form of brain entrainment used in relaxation, meditation and learning, helping the brain move into Alpha and Theta states. The brain registers a different tone in each ear and focuses (or entrains) to the mid point between the two frequencies.

    Music therapy. The device comes with music programmes emphasizing beneficial frequencies in the 2-18 Hz range. Or you can now download your own chosen tracks to build a music library.

    Colour therapy: you can now change the main colour coming from the LED lights to your choice from almost any colour in the light spectrum. This makes colour therapy possible with different colours having specific effects on the brain and central nervous system and can generate a whole range of effects on things like mood, energy levels, motivation and cognitive performance.

    Exagon Brain
    Exagon Brain

    USD $795

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