PEMF Comparison

PEMF Comparison!
Other PEMF Systems Simply Can't Compete With the iMRS!

PEMF Stands For Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and When it Comes to a PEMF Comparison between Other PEMF Systems, They Simply Can't Compete With the iMRS!

WHY? Because the 2018 iMRS has More Features that Yield Greater Health Optimizing & More Cost Effective Results!

In a PEMF Comparison the 2018 iMRS is the Best Home Use System Available in Australia Today!

From all the many PEMF systems and PEMF mat reviews available on the market, even healthcare professionals have chosen the iMRS system as the best system for daily home use in the U.S, Canada and Europe where they have been incorporating the health benefits of PEMF therapy in their practices for many years now for 5 good reasons!

The 5 Solid Reasons Why YOU Too Should Choose the iMRS PEMF Therapy System!

1. The iMRS PEMF System Is Backed By Solid Science

The iRMS PEMF system is designed and based on solid, independent scientific research and not on 'studies' done by manufacturers. It's also the system I have been using for the past 18 years to keep me younger looking and in better health than many people my age.

It has the waveforms, frequencies and intensities that are research proven to provide maximum benefits for the user!

Research proven Sawtooth & Square
waves in the iMRS PEMF system

2. The iMRS PEMF System is Easy to Use!

In a PEMF comparison, the computer-based iMRS control unit makes using PEMF therapy as simple as pushing a button. Turn it on and start the application .... It's as simple as that!

You can change the automatic settings any time you wish, but that's usually not necessary. The iRMS system delivers the optimal signal for YOUR body without YOU having to make a lot of adjustments.

There is no other PEMF system that offers so many therapeutic features as the iRMS!

3. The iMRS PEMF System Automatically Adjusts the PEMF Signal!

Because each one of us is unique and one can thus NOT expect a 'one-fits-all' PEMF signal to suit, the iRMS device varies the frequency of the PEMF signal to fit the brainwave frequencies of the individual for the particular times of the day. It also offers you the iGUIDE, which is pre-programmed with 250 health conditions and settings for the pillow, probe and pad applicators. 

It also switches the polarity of the signal, so your body can't become desensitized to it over time, which is a very important feature for getting the best results! If you use the iMORE Heart Rate Variability (HRV) finger sensor monitor, it automatically adjusts the intensity of the PEMF signal depending on the moment to moment Variation of your Heart Rate! 

NO other PEMF system available on the market today offers
so many therapeutic features as the iRMS!

4. The iMRS PEMF System Is SAFE for Personal Use!

Independent studies conducted by science like those conducted by NASA show that low intensity, low frequency PEMF signals produce the most effective therapeutic results and are completely SAFE to use. You can't hurt yourself with it and it doesn't require any kind of clinical supervision!

The iRMS system delivers PEMF signals below 300 micro Tesla and as low as 2 pico Tesla to accommodate people who are EMF-sensitive.  

5. The iMRS PEMF System Has the BEST Price vs Performance!

When the iRMS performance and results are compared to its price, it shines above all the other competitors, especially in the Australian market.

You can't find a better deal than the iMRS when it comes to features and benefits!

Swiss Bionic Lifestyle iMRS Certifications
The iMRS system fulfills all legal requirements in regards to product safety, product usability and is officially certified as a medical device in Europe, USA and Canada!