PEMF Sound Vibration:

iSLRS - Integrated Sound Light 
Relax System

The PEMF Sound Vibration Uses the iSLRS - Integrated Sound - Light - Relax System to Create the following features:

  • Comfortable goggles for visual stimulation and Red, Blue and Green LED's with a dimmer switch ..
  • Earbuds built into the goggles (all one piece), allowing you to fully enjoy the pre-programmed music ...
  • An SD Card, which contains 45 minutes of relaxing music (2-18 Hz) 
  • A built-in Music Player in the iMRS control unit ...
  • Light & Sound are fully synchronized with the iMRS - whole body mat ...

Why Use an Integrated Sound - Light - Relax System with iMRS PEMF Therapy?

The iSLRS is a 2-channel, PEMF Sound Vibration, brainwave entrainment system, which stimulates and synchronises the brain and is unique to the iMRS PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) therapy system. It works independently with the left and right channel and it is used simultaneously with the iMRS PEMF therapy application by synchronising with the inbuilt biorhythm Chinese organ clock and with the frequencies in the iMRS whole body mat.

The iSLRS comes with 3 colours (RED, GREEN and BLUE) that will give you the ideal light therapy for the different times of the day and your needs. For example, the red colour is associated with the sympathetic nervous system and can be used to energise and stimulate the body. Red would be ideal for the morning or anytime you need extra energy and stimulation. 

Blue is the complete opposite; it affects the parasympathetic response and helps promote relaxation and rest, calming the body and lowering blood pressure, heart rate, breathing , etc. It would be the ideal colour for the evening or before bedtime when you want to be relaxed. Green is a general health promoting colour and has a balancing effect on the mind, so it would not be overly stimulating or relaxing. It's a very good colour for the heart and promoting overall health. So in the morning you get the predominantly energising BETA frequencies and in the evening and before bedtime you will get the low THETA/DELTA frequencies.

In other words; the integrated Sound-Light-Relax-System or SLRS not only gives you colour therapy but also entrains your brain by stimulating it into entering a specific state using a pulsing sound, light, (colour) and electromagnetic frequencies to balance and energise both sides of the brain and also the whole body through synchronisation with the iMRS whole body mat, all of which will melt away stress, increase oxygenation in your brain, deepen your ability to relax, restore healthy sleep and alleviate depression and improve emotional balance.

The PEMF Sound Vibration iSLRS System -  $699 USD + GST