Rent a PEMF iMRS System

Why Rent a PEMF iMRS System?

As Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF) therapy is still relatively unknown in Australia, making a decision to invest in a PEMF iMRS system may be a difficult decision for you to make initially, especially if you are not already familiar with the health and anti-ageing benefits of energy medicine!

That's why I have decided to personally fund a limited rental program to introduce you to the health, pain reduction and anti-ageing benefits of PEMF therapy if you have only seen and read about the iMRS online and have NOT been able to try it in person at my premises because of not residing in the Brisbane area.

I believe renting an iMRS PEMF system is a good proposition for 3 reasons:

  • 1
    As the company does not provide a refund policy on a purchase, renting gives you an opportunity to try the iMRS system and then return it afterwards ...  
  • 2
    If you compare the cost of a 1 hour PEMF treatment ($50), you are getting a great deal at just $150 per week, especially when you take into account that you can treat members of your family as well for the same weekly outlay!
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My Rental Proposition

Rent an iMRS Professional System for AUD $150 per week (minimum 2 weeks with up to a maximum of 4 weeks). A security deposit (AUD $500.00) will be required for contingent recoveries and/or any damage.

If you would like to purchase a new iMRS system after the return of the iMRS rental system, a completely new system will then be shipped to you after confirmation and payment of your order.

The rented iMRS Professional System comes with a full body mat, a pillow pad applicator and a probe for local applications and includes the iGuide for easy treatment settings for 284 different ailments. It also incudes th iSLRS integrated audio-visual brainwave entrainment system that offers brainwave regulation based on the selected program (organ clock) – which can positively influence your mental state. The three applicators will offer you the full line of PEMF applications available in your own home. 

On completion of the rental trial period, send the IMRS system back to me (you pay for the shipping both ways!), and I will refund you with your full security deposit within 5 working days after the unit has been received, provided the unit is returned in the 'same condition' as at the start of the rental (ie. no more than 'normal wear and tear').

On return, be sure to insure it and pay for a 'tracking service', so you have proof of the unit's return!

Setup & Training on Rental Unit

Despite the simple interface on the control unit of the iMRS, competent training on the unit is crucial to getting good results!  The setup and training are done by both email and phone. Proper training leads to superior and quicker results!

Contact Me If You Wish To Rent!  

Contact me via Email: or call me on MOB 0473 11 73 11