Why PEMF Therapy is Especially Important for the Over 40's & 50's ...

Why PEMF therapy is especially important for the over 40's and 50's might NOT be a question easily answered if you live in Australia or New Zealand and haven't been exposed to this type of natural 'healing' as yet.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and is still relatively unknown in Australia and New Zealand compared to Europe, USA, and Canada where this type of natural 'healing' has been used for at least 20 to 25 years now. So much so that PEMF therapy is registered as a Class 2 wellness device with the FDA in the USA for Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Pain, Treatment of Brain Cancer, Non-Healing Wounds, Fractures, Headaches, and Insomnia and with Canada Health for increasing circulation, relieving headaches and pain!

Medical Science & Ageing

The reason WHY I believe PEMF therapy is especially important for the over 40's (and even more for the over 50's!) is because Medical Science tells us that once we hit our 40’s, genetically-timed events will very much speed up changes to our hormones and metabolism in our body and also to our DNA with the shortening of our Telomeres, all of which accelerate the aging process in our bodies and promote physical and mental decline, decay and deterioration, making us more vulnerable to chronic disease, pain, and weight gain as we grow older.
And despite having lived a healthy lifestyle and exercised regularly for most of my life, I experienced these changes myself when after my 50's I noticed a marked decline in my own energy levels, needed glasses to read and experienced the onset of lower back pain, which forced me to visit my Chiropractor on a regular basis.

So, as a then 53-year-old in August of the year 2000, I was easily convinced to outlay a substantial sum of money to purchase my first MRS PEMF device after my friend from Austria had explained its health and anti-aging benefits!

Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Not Always the Answer! 

Many of us turn to over the counter and pharmaceutical drugs to seek relief from illness, pain and insomnia in our older years but we know that sometimes the “cures” prescribed by our physicians to help us deal with the effects of illness, pain, insomnia and even STRESS on our body and mind with the help of pharmaceuticals can often only intensify the process!

I believe that the pharmaceutical approach to overcoming chronic illness and pain caused my father's early demise when he once jokingly told me as a then 62-years-old, that he was swallowing so many pills and tablets that he ‘rattled when he walked!’ He died from a massive heart attack just two weeks after his 64th birthday, not only due to his destructive lifestyle habits of chain smoking, drinking alcohol and lack of exercise and sleep, but I believe also because of his huge intake of pharmaceutical drugs!

The Number 1 Reason Why PEMF Therapy is Especially Important for the Over 40’s!​

My number 1 reason why PEMF therapy is especially important for the over 40's is based on NASA’s research conducted in 2002 and 2003, which showed that it had far reaching genetic benefits, especially useful for longevity and senior health.

NASA found that the best results and greatest efficacy came from Low Frequency, Low Intensity, and Rapidly Varying PEMF signals. Basically, frequencies and intensities that closely match what the earth gives us with a signal that produces maximum healing effects on the b
ody and which the iMRS PEMF device also employs!

NASA discovered that the benefits of low frequency, low intensity, rapidly varying Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, which like I said the iMRS device also uses, produced better healing and regeneration of damaged or diseased tissue, greater cell longevity, accelerated cell growth, improved cellular voltage (mainly observed in nerve cells), upregulation of genes related to collagen production, cell restoration and growth.

It’s no wonder then that when
electromagnetic frequencies and field strengths (intensities) are delivered to the body via the correct waveform and within a specific value range, triggering a process known as cellular resonance, which in turn stimulates the cell and improves the way it functions, that PEMF therapy has been very successful in helping the over 40's recover their health and slow down the ageing process.

Especially when several hundred independent studies by various scientists over the years have shown that the benefits of Low Frequency, Low Intensity, and Rapidly Varying PEMF signals are hugely beneficial for tissues and bone health like Arthritis and Osteoporosis. That's why the iMRS device has been FDA Registered in the U.S as a Class 1 Medical Device for Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Pain, Non-Healing Wounds, Fractures, Headaches and Insomnia and as a Class 2 medical device with Health Canada for increasing circulation, relieving headaches and pain!

‘Age reversal’ ONLY starts happening with the long-term use of PEMF Therapy!

The previous mentioned studies also show that ‘age reversal’ ONLY starts happening with persistent, long-term use of PEMF therapy and I believe that having used PEMF therapy on my own body over the past 18 years, that this has helped me ward off chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes and cancer, which are now so common for my age group!

Another important aspect to slowing
down the ageing process after our 40’s is the maintaining of optimum oxygen metabolism in our body. Pulsed electromagnetic fields at appropriate frequencies and amplitude does penetrate the whole body and in doing so, can enhance oxygen utilization in the cells. This is one of the main reasons why PEMF therapy works better than any other electrotherapy treatment!

Hormone Regulation with PEMF Therapy

Hormonal imbalances also become more evident after our 40’s and 50's and can have a devastating effect on our wellness and longevity as we age. However, traditional methods to balance hormones usually depend on consuming drugs that up-regulate or down-regulate a particular hormone based on its chemical composition.

While this pharmaceutical approach might work, it frequently also goes wrong as it’s very difficult to monitor the doses required on a daily basis. These methods address the symptoms but are often not a permanent solution to our hormonal problems and usually come with serious side-effects!

For women especially, hormone related issues have proven to be really problematic and often result in fatal outcomes including but not limited to Cancer! Here again PEMF therapy shows great results.

Protection Against High Frequency Radiation!

Besides our body becoming more and more subjected to genetic changes to our hormones, metabolism and also to our DNA with the shortening of our Telomeres as we grow older, our increased daily exposure to unanticipated, man-made high frequency radiation like WiFi, mobile phones and mobile phone towers also makes us highly vulnerable to many chronic diseases as we grow older.

Thomas J. Goodwin. PhD led a NASA research team that used low frequency electromagnetic fields to therapeutically 'heal' living tissues and counteract the negative effects of astronauts not being subjected to earth's geomagnetic fields while being in space. 

The iMRS biofield paradigm, in contrast to a chemistry-centered viewpoint that uses pharmaceutical drugs, emphasizes the informational content of biological processes and interactions that operate in part via a similar low-energy or 'subtle' process in our cells in the form of weak, pulsating, non-thermal electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) to help protect our own bodies from chronic illnesses such as Cancer, Asthma and Diabetes as we grow older.

I believe that eight minutes twice a day using the iMRS body mat helps protect your cells from the high frequency radiation onslaught your body is now subjected to on a daily basis as is clearly evident from this video.
(Wait to listen to the part in the video in which Dr Havas explains her experience with the body mat and the effect 8 minutes of lying on the iMRS body mat had on her red blood cells! Note that she makes NO reference to the iMRS product!)

The Best and Most Beneficial Part of PEMF Therapy!

The best and most beneficial part of PEMF therapy is that you don’t have to monitor levels and doses. That once you have purchased your PEMF device, there are no ongoing costs or monthly fees etc and it all works autonomously and independently causing no harm!  

Whether its a problem with the thyroid or the endocrine system; it doesn’t matter: Low power, low frequency and the consistent application of PEMF therapy over the long term will help balance all the hormones over time. As a matter of fact: Many people report the disappearance of hormone related issues completely with PEMF therapy; in some cases even years after they have been taking drugs to achieve relief!

Pain is also a hormonal issue for many, and persistent PEMF therapy once again has shown to not only help in pain relief but also resolve the underlying conditions.

So, these are then the main reasons for why I favour PEMF therapy for the over 40’s because it gives us a natural and harmless alternative to help us deal with chronic disease and pain once we hit our 40’s and over.

With persistent use of PEMF therapy, cellular metabolism will stay boosted naturally, blood cells are regenerated, good circulation is maintained, and oxygen carrying capacity is maintained for longer in our older years. As a result, our immune system becomes healthier, our nervous system relaxes, our bones and joints become and stay stronger, and our vital organs such as the liver, kidneys and colon are better able to rid themselves of impurities thus detoxifying our cells and therefore the body as we go along!

That's WHY I believe that the iMRS PEMF therapy approach is the one complete, natural package for those past their 40’s and for those seniors who wish to pursue longevity in good health. And whether your aim is to stay young or become younger, both possibilities are now extended to you with this natural therapy, which reduces the aches and pains that come with ageing, reduces coagulation and the rouleaux effect of your red blood cells due to EMF exposure (PLEASE NOTE: This link might not always commence at te right place in the video - if NOT, then go back to about the 3tst minute) and improves the quality of your life by allowing your cells to function as they were designed to even in your older age!

Always remember that YOUR Health and YOUR quality of life are YOUR responsibility and NOT your Doctor’s!

It’s your call!