WHY there is NO Money Back Guarantee
On the iMRS & Omnium 1 PEMF Systems ...

The Reason For Our NO Money Back Guarantee!

A 'no money back guarantee' can be a serious consideration for many of us before we decide to make a purchase, especially as the iMRS PEMF therapy systems are not cheap! However, there is a good reason for WHY the company does NOT provide a 'Money Back' guarantee on its systems!

The reason is because like any other health treatment regime,  (Medical, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage etc) a 'money back' guarantee is NOT offered because the result of the treatment will always vary according to the individual!

That's why a company, which truly understands the working principles behind PEMF therapy, will never guarantee the result of its PEMF device as positive results are often subjective, not always immediately measurable, and may sometimes take a long time depending on the usage pattern of the PEMF system and the chronic nature of the health problem.

Watch the video below for a valid example of a case of a 'NO Money Back Guarantee' incident that saved the life of the CEO of Swiss Bionic Solutions', Wolfgang Jaksch who was desperately trying to beat Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer as a then 26-year-old!

'Holistic or Energy medicine is NOT an injection, it's not a medication, it's a 'regulation' system and regulation takes time!'

PEMF therapy is not a 'quick-fix', pill-popping solution! When you purchase a PEMF system, you will need to do your 'homework' first and know what to expect from the low-frequencies, low-intensity PEMF therapy system you have selected to purchase!

Also, a company which does offer a 'money back guarantee' will always have factored a sufficient margin into its product as part of its marketing strategy to cover it's 'money back guarantee' offer. In some countries like the USA and Canada, there is a rent-to-own program to allow customers first to rent and try the PEMF system for a month before converting it to a purchase. 

6 Important Points To Consider When Purchasing a PEMF Therapy Device

  • A transparent and sustainable PEMF manufacturer/supplier will provide you with personal customer support, a physical address and presence in the designated country and staff to whom you can talk!
  • A transparent and sustainable PEMF manufacturer/supplier will provide you with official documents proofing compliance in regards to electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility! (The so called CE-Certificate, CB-Certificate = International, UL-Certificate = USA only, CSA-Certificate = Canada only)
  • In case a PEMF device is promoted and advertised as a medical device, the manufacturer is obligated to provide you with the related certificate (FDA-Listing or FDA Approval for USA, Health Canada License for Canada, EEC 93/42 for European Union!)
  • A transparent and sustainable PEMF manufacturer/supplier will provide you with a valid liability insurance policy upon request for clients and reps within the countries the products are marketed!
  • A transparent and sustainable PEMF manufacturer/supplier will never make illegal, false or misleading claims in regards to their products!
  • Beware of Vendor Websites, where you find only an email address in their contact form!

In Conclusion ...

Even though I believe that the iMRS and Omnium 1 systems are one of the best PEMF therapy systems on the market, I also believe that they are not the only PEMF systems you will need or that they will meet with all of your requirements because I acknowledge the broad applications of PEMF technology, from low to high frequencies, intensities, programs and waveforms type.

If, however, you do decide to invest in an iMRS or Omnium 1 system, you can do so with confidence by knowing that these systems are used worldwide by millions of users and health practitioners and have done so over the last 25 years. The company is growing because it provides a high quality product and service, and if you purchase one of our systems, you will have your post-sales concerns covered by six global offices worldwide, something that no other PEMF company can offer!

Also, since September 2016, Swiss Bionic Solutions has launched a new Swiss Bionic Solutions Ticket Support Center(http://swissbionic.com/support) where any existing customer can login online for support or assistance re their PEMF system.